Sunday, March 9, 2014

Textured Felt Collars (Scarflettes)

I love the small sized felt neck scarves that I recently made in Melissa Arnold's class at The Tin Thimble in January.  In the class, they were called collars.  I've also heard them called scarflettes.  Several times a week, I wear various ones that I made in Melissa's class.  They are perfect for being in chilly buildings where I can't wear a coat, but still want my neck and shoulders warm. I think they'd work great in air-conditioning as well.  
         Next week (March 15, 16, 2014 - see my workshop section on this blog), I am teaching a textured scarf class for the Tacoma Weaver's Guild.  The class is called: TEXTURED SURFACES, RUFFLES, RIPPLES AND ROSES. OH MY!  I wanted to make new samples of scarves for this workshop since I had sold or given as gifts the ones I had already made. So I thought the smaller, collar size would be great since I do love this new size. Plus they would be faster to lay out since they are smaller and I could have more examples with many different textures in them.

         Here are a couple examples of the collars.  

Black and White View 1
View 1

Black and White View 2
view 2 

Purples View 1

View 1

 Purples View 2
View 2

Purples Back Detail
Back Detail

Purples Side Detail 
Side Detail

Purples in Process
In Process
These kinds of textures can be done from the back with the textures facing down, or from the front with the textures facing up.  The layout shows an example of working face down-we are looking at the back of the textures before the fiber and backing cloth are added.

Here is one of the sold scarves that I made with textures:
Pat Spark Textured Scarf