Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Book is Finished!

Yeah! We received the first boxes of the new book from the printer on Saturday. Yesterday and today we shipped out the orders to those folks who had ordered the book at the pre-publication price. I must say that I am happy with how the book came out. The printer did a great job.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silversmithing and Turquoise Mining Class in Nevada

This is some jewelry from the class Don taught in Tonapah in 2009.

Don Norris is teaching a Turquoise Mining and Silversmithing class in Tonapah, Nevada May 20,21,22,23, 2010, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


I am so excited to mine my own turquoise! I love that stone and want to make a pendant to hang from my sterling silver Viking knit chain. I have worked with Don before. He is a great teacher and EVERYONE will come away with a lovely piece of jewelry. Don's easy soldering methods got me back into doing silversmithing after a 35 year hiatus. I had convinced myself that soldering was just too difficult a process. But Don's method is easy and fun! It is fun to return to a craft that was lost to me so many years ago.

My daughter, husband and I have signed up for this silversmithing class in Tonapah, Nevada. But my daughter has a new job and she can't go. We are looking for someone to take over her reservation and deposit.